Project partners

Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI),FGI_en_rgb
has long roots in sensor- and GNSS-expertise, is an active member of the NFAS and DIMECC-based autonomous ship forums, and has developed safety-driven ice-aware e-Navigation methods in EU-funded flagship project STORMWINDS. Furthermore, FGI was
the leader of the EU BONUS ESABALT Project which was
awarded the status of Flagship Project under
the EU Strategy for Baltic Sea Region for contributions
to maritime safety and security.

Research Managersarang31
Dr. Sarang Thombre
+ 358 50 5738947

Tuomo (3)

Research Scientist
Lic.Sc. (Tech.) Tuomo Malkamäki
+358 50 353 1887

Scientific collaboratorville_talvella_2016 (002)

Dr. Ville Lehtola
Assistant Professor, Mobile mapping
University of Twente


Aalto University’s Sensor Informatics and Medical Technology group (AI-Aalto) is part of the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) and has long experience in developing data analysis, machine learning, and sensor fusion algorithms for applications such as target tracking, navigation, and modeling of dynamic systems. In particular, Aalto’s group has recently developed intelligent solutions to indoor and outdoor positioning in Academy of Finland projects and as well as in the company driven GlobILSEU-project.

Associate Professor
Dr. Simo Särkkä
+358 50 512 4393


This academic expertise is complemented by Fleetrange Ltd. Fleetrange is an innovative
Finnish maritime IT-startup with the mission
to intelligently connect fleets and people
with data, regardless of time, place, or device. Fleetrange solutions are firmly based on cost-efficient, simple, and visual real-time operational awareness. The company’s current customer-base consists of North European ship owners and operators and public references are Meriaura Ltd (, Tallink Group ( and Containerships plc (

Capt. Henrik Ramm-Schmidt – CEO and Founder henkka
of Fleetrange Ltd – holds a Master Mariner degree. Before starting Fleetrange, he spent five years as a very successful Product and Sales Manager at Napa Ltd for Napa’s shipboard Safety Solutions and before this he sailed on various types of ships for a total period of around 10 years.

CEO, Capt. Henrik Ramm-Schmidt
+358 40 0269199